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In the year when West Waterford GC first opened, a group of friends arrived to play golf and started a relationship with the club which has been unbroken since that time.  Now known as the Helvic Heads, the group has expanded to 16 in number and compete for the Brickey Trophy on the first weekend of September each year.


Membership of the group is by invitation only  as there are strict rules. First of all, you have to  be a friend who will contribute positively to the weekend.  You must also be of good standing which means that you must be known to “stand your round” when required without being asked. Being able to sing, play an instrument or recite a poem improves your chances but most of all you must be able to enjoy the craic.

Since 1995 , the Heads compete for the Brickey trophy, a piece of wood found on the course and fashioned to look like a brick.  On top of the trophy there is a golfer who keeps falling off leaving just his feet. This is significant because it  is frowned upon if the winner has not been “legless” during theWeekend, an essential part of the handicap system.

One local enquired of the group as to where we are from to which Bob replied in his thick English accent “ from Dabblin mate “ much to the confusion of the local and to hilarious laughter from the group.

Yes, we are Dubs (except Bob) and are members of either Beech Park, Slade Valley, Castlewarden, Newlands and Edmonstown golf clubs. In some years, our visit coincides with the Spratt Cup open and we are proud that 2 of the members, John Curran and Tom Kennedy are past winners.

West Waterford is by far our favourite course and we look forward to its challenges each year. We receive a warm and friendly welcome every time and the staff have always been very cooperative in facilitating us each year.

One thing that we try to avoid Is feeding the Brickey Gods as there is a list of shame announced at the end of weekend as to whose ball has made the Brickey river.

But the weekend is about fun craic and friendship, oh and golf, made very enjoyable by our visit to your club to which we send our grateful thanks to all at the club for making us so welcome.

This year’s winner Mick Byrne (L) received the Brickey from Les Carroll the 2016 winner.