Ladies Notes w/e Sunday 2nd May 2021

Golfers were glad to be back on the course again after 120 days of closure. This was indicated by how quickly the time sheet filled up each day. The course was in fantastic condition, quite different from how we left it with it’s winter coat in December. There is a great run on the ball.
Rules of play: at the moment play is confined to members from two households. Booking is essential, as is cancelling out if you cannot fulfil your commitments. Please arrive – not too early, play your game and depart immediately on finishing.
Competitions: currently competitions are not a feature of play, but never fear plans are being laid and as soon as they are permitted, we can look forward to the usual range of club and Interclub competitions.
All we need now is good weather in May, when we will we will have the opportunity to meet current and new members on the golf course again.