Ladies Notes w/e Sunday 25th April 2021

All golfers are overjoyed that their clubs are reopening on April 26th with the latest Covid easing of restrictions. Luckily the weather is favourable for a return to Golf. Some care is needed so as not to develop a muscle injury at this early stage; stretch and exercise is recommended. The return: Arrive not too early to play, play your game as one of two households, and depart as soon as the game is over. The WHS: when competitions begin you will need your WHS number. To register you will need your golf number, your pin number and a password. The Interclub’s: though it will be some time before the Interclubs take part, the managers will be busy wondering who will represent their club on the teams.
You will notice that the course is in great condition because of the maintenance programme followed during the lockdown.
Wishing Seamus Power well in his recovery process, and hope he will be back playing again soon.