Ladies Note w/e Sunday 23rd May 2021

The initial vibrant return to golf was dampened a little by weather conditions. The ‘Queen of the 9 hole ‘ event was postponed to Sunday 30th May.
This week has a full programme of events has been organised.
A 9 Hole and 16 hole competition is running with re-entry from Monday 24th. of May to the 7th.of June.
The rescheduled Queen of the nine holes competition will be played for on Sunday 30th.
We have been advised to download the Golf Ireland App to our phones. By opening this App you will be able to find your handicap index and your playing handicap for any golf course listed on the App.
Life is getting more exciting with more members taking part in the Club organised events. Time has moved very fast. Before we know it at the end of next month the Interclub competitions will take place. This does not leave a lot of time for the managers to look at the skills of those members on their lists, and .to make the difficult decisions – who will be on the teams, who will the subs be. The best thing to do is to play as often as possible to give yourself the best chance possible. Those interested in taking part, do give in your name as soon as possible.