Gents Notes w/e Sunday 2nd May 2021

Golf is back at West Waterford golf club
Monday 26th April saw members return in numbers for the reopening of golf following 15 weeks of lockdown. From early morning we had a steady flow of happy golfers, all complying with Covid 19 protocol. No problem with two balls as everyone was delighted to be playing again with the blue skies and sunshine contributing to the enjoyment of the occasion. All were delighted with the condition of the course and the many shades of green on the trees as they return to their full bloom. All through the week we had a steady flow of players from the ladies and mens clubs with the mornings and early evening particulary busy. Some were happy to play 9 holes while others put their energy to the test by completing 18. There was no bragging about big scores or long putts just a sense of joy and celebration on being back on the fairways. May we say a big Thank You to the course staff and volunteers who have put so much work into the course during lockdown. The clearing on the left hand side of the par 3 fourth hole has been widely appreciated and will help speed up the pace of play on this hole. To our loyal members we thank you for your cooperation with the protocol. Covid 19 is still with us and the message is to stand firm in our efforts to beat the virus.

Top 10 finish for Gary Hurley on Alps Tour
Well done to our own Gary Hurley who finished tied 10th at the Antognolla Alps Open recently. Gary finished on 5 under par for the three round event which was played in Perugia in Italy.

Contact the Office
You can contact Gillian at the office from Monday to Saturday. At other times please leave a message and we will contact you. Ring 058 43216 You can email the office at

Online Booking for Members
In order to book tee times members are required to have paid 50% of their annual subscription or alternatively signed up for direct debit payment. If you haven’t done so already please contact the office as soon as possible. Online booking is now available. Tee times are limited to two members from different households. If you wish to book a three ball from a maximum of two households you should contact the office on 058 43216 to complete the booking.

Golf Ireland issue Protocol for the Initial Phase of Reopening
Following engagement with the relevant Government departments and agencies, Golf Ireland can confirm the following measures apply to the initial phase of the reopening of Clubs in the Republic of Ireland from 26th April 2021.
• Golf Clubs can reopen from Monday 26th April for members only; Golfers must only travel from within their county or within 20km of their home to play golf.
• In the initial phase, the Irish Government have decided that participants in sport and exercise activity must be from no more than two households. Therefore, groups playing on golf courses during this initial phase must be confined to a maximum of two households. This means that all tee times must be either twoballs, or alternatively three-balls and four-balls where players in the group are from no more than two households.
• Daily timesheets are restricted as follows: Two-balls at eight-minute intervals or longer • Three-balls from no more than two households at nine-minute intervals or longer • Four-balls from no more than two households at 10-minute intervals or longer .
• To give clubs as much scope to accommodate golfers within these requirements, golf clubs will not be required to confine themselves to one standardised starting interval each day (for example, should a club decide to organise most of its tee times in eight-minute intervals for two-balls, they may choose to include a block of 10-minute interval times for three-balls and four-balls where the golfers are from no more than two households).
• Tee times must be booked in advance online or over the telephone. Clubs must ensure that players’ names are recorded on timesheets and timesheets must be kept for a period of at least six weeks to assist with contact tracing should the need arise.
The next phase in the reopening process will come into effect on Monday May 10th.
This will see the lifting on travel restrictions which will see visitors allowed to play as well as members. It is also expected that three balls and fourballs will be permitted.

Flag Poles and Bunkers
You are reminded not to touch the flag pole on the greens. Use your putter to pop up the ball gently, using the device on the bottom of the pole. There are no rakes in bunkers so under a local rule you can place within 6 inches in a bunker..

Members Responsibility
All members are required to fully comply with all parts of the Protocol. Your club will do everything possible to ensure a safe return but it is only with the full cooperation of the members that we can fully implement the protocol. This is the first phase of the reopening and restrictions will ease over time. We will keep you informed of updates as we receive them. We have successfully gone through the process in previous reopening, thanks to your cooperation. We look forward to your continued support this time.

How to access your WHS handicap
To access your handicap information you must create a new account. To create an account you should log o to to register for the first time. You will be asked to enter your 8 digit GUI number and your 4 digit pin both of which are found on the back of your GUI membership card. Once you have registered you will have access to your handicap details and records. We would urge all members to register now in order to familiarise yourselves with the WHS system. When the course reopens we will be available to assist you with any queries you may have. A list of member handicap indices is posted on the outdoor notice board. However, as your handicap is updated daily under the new system it is essential that you register online for your WHS handicap. In the meantime you should log on to where you will find lots of useful information regarding the new system.

Golf Ireland App
Many members have downloaded the App and reaction generally has been mainly positive. The Golf Ireland App provides for pre-registration and return of general play scores. Using the App, members can enjoy the flexibility of recording scores for handicap purposes for both 9-hole and 18-hole social rounds played in accordance with the Rules of Handicapping. You can also view your handicap index and playing record as well as following and communicating with friends. To download the App, search for “Golf Ireland” in the Apple App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) and select the version with the Golf Ireland logo. For further information you can log on to and follow the link for Golf Ireland App.