Gents Notes w/e Sun 28th March 2021

Easter Greetings
We would like to extend Easter Greetings to all our members and friends. Looking forward to seeing you all in the near future

Bí Ullamh
Yes, it’s time to get ready. It looks as though the long wait is finally coming to an end. Why not check your golf bag, your buggy, your battery and your golf shoes. Make sure you have a second golf ball just in case you might lose one following the long lay-off. It mightn’t be any harm to get the body back in shape if you haven’t been doing so recently. Spring is in the air, the clocks have gone forward and the green shoots are visible all around West Waterford. We look forward to seeing you very soon.

Government to make announcement on Tuesday
As April 5th approaches I think we can be cautiously optimistic of an announcement regarding the easing of Level 5 restrictions on Tuesday next. Outdoor activities is being widely tipped as one of the areas to be considered. Golf has not been mentioned specifically, but as a group it seems likely that tennis, swimming, and golf will return subject to terms and conditions. Of course we can take nothing for granted but let’s say the indications are looking positive at the moment. An extension of the 5km travel limited is also likely. All we can do at the moment is wait and hope that we are soon back golfing and enjoying the great outdoors. Lest we take anything for granted we must bear in mind our responsibility in adhering to the covid protocol. Golf Ireland will I expect, issue new guidelines to be observed on our return to golf and members will be informed as soon as we receive any information. Washing your hands, wearing a face mask and maintaining social distance should by now be recognised as the norm in all our everyday activities. It will be quite a while before we return to the old way old doing things and in the meantime it’s essential that we hold firm in ensuring our own safety and that of those around us.

Preparations Continue
It is important to note that while we are not playing golf, course maintenance continues as normal. We are now in the season when grass is starting to grow again and has to be cut at least once every week. This involves machinery, fuel and labour, which is funded by your annual subscriptions. We would like to thank those members who have already paid their annual subscription or who have a payment plan in place. For those who wish to arrange payment, the office is open on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 10am till 12noon. The ladies and gents committees are liaising in preparation for the expected reopening of the course and keeping in communication with the members. Hopefully it will not be much longer before we can meet you in person and welcome you back to West Waterford.

WGC Matchplay
I suppose many of you were watching the WGC Matchplay over the weekend. What a welcome change from the regular format. This brings out the best and the worst in many of the top golfers in the world. Some very interesting matches throughout the weekend with many of the ‘big guns’ making an early exit. Encouraging to see some spectators back on the course even if they included the ever present ‘ Mr In the Hole’. Some of the unforced errors are a source of consolation to us mere mortal amateurs. Can’t wait to get back and see if I can complete 18 holes in less than 4.1/2 hours.

Contact the Office
Anyone wishing to contact the office regarding subscriptions or other matters is reminded that they can contact the office on Wednesdays and Saturdays between 10 am and 12 noon. Phone 058 43216

Stay Safe and Talk to Someone
You probably haven’t seen many of your golfing buddies for some time now. It might be a nice idea to text or call your friends and share a message or a few words. Hopefully it won’t be too long before you can do it personally. In the meantime please keep in touch, it might mean a lot to someone you know.

On behalf of the club we express our sympathies to Willie Lyons on the recent passing of his sister. May Biddy Rest in Peace