Gents Notes w/e Sun 21st Feb 2021

Reasons to be Cheerful
By the end of this month the sun won’t set until 5.41pm. By the end of March it will be 7.37pm. April : 8.30 pm, May: 9.17 pm, June: 9.34 pm. There are brighter days ahead. Check out Living with Covid statement to be issued on Tuesday Feb 23rd.

When will Golf Clubs Reopen
To say the least there is still a lot of uncertainty as to when golf clubs will be allowed to open. For us golfers, like everyone else, it’s been a pretty terrible time thus far and many have found this latest lockdown particularly tough. Maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s the mixed messaging from Government or maybe it’s the overall lack of confidence that what we’re being asked to do isn’t exactly working. Perhaps it’s all of the above. Under the current regulations we are allowed go for a walk on a public footpath within a 5k distance of our homes where you will have to step off the path to avoid bumping into someone. On a golf course by contrast you could have up to four people in a 400 metre space with pre booked tee times. Golf clubs have shown that they can operate under Covid 19 restrictions and operate the health and safety regulations as required. We fully appreciate the need to get our children safely back to school and the successful rollout of the covid vaccine. We are not asking for any preferential treatment, but maybe further consideration on the reopening of golf clubs might just ease the stress on another segment of the population.
Three All Stars for Déise Hurlers
Heratiest congratulations to Stephen Bennett, Tadhg de Búrca, and Jamie Barron on their awards. They brought us many hours of enjoyment in a year when we needed it most. I’ve been using imitrex since last March. I usually take 50 mg, and it works. It diminishes side effects of migraines and reduces headache. I’m glad I was prescribed with this medication almost at once. I know that other people have to try a lot of options before achieving the necessary result. I was lucky enough to avoid t.

Seamus Power USPGA Tour
Seamus is in the field for the Puerto Rico Open on February 25th-28th

Time to get Ready
To be honest I think nobody knows at the moment when golf clubs will reopen. Sooner or later it will happen and maybe we can console ourselves with the fact that we are getting closer with every passing week. We are fortunate to have such a variety of sport on tv at the moment even though it’s no substitute for the real thing. With a view to getting back playing, here are just a few ideas as to what we could be doing in preparation.
How long has it been since you did a clean out of the golf bag. You might be surprised at what you find. The golf shoes might do with a spring clean as well. Do you need to replace the grips on your clubs? Dont wait until you start back.
Im sure many of you are getting some exercise, but if not maybe now is a good time to start. A daily walk will make you feel better now that the evenings are getting longer. Don’t expect to start playing 9 holes following the long lay-off if you haven’t made some effort to prepare.

Stay Safe and Talk to Someone
It looks like it will be a while before we are back playing golf. In the meantime we would ask you to comply with Covid guidelines and minimize your contacts. You might however consider calling a friend or acquaintance for a chat. Apart from the golf, people are also missing the social side of club membership. So make that call and it could mean a lot to someone who is feeling lonely at this time. Spring is in the air and with the vaccine on the way we can cautiously look forward to an end to the pandemic.