Gents Notes w/e Sun 20th Dec 2020

Mon 21st to Thurs 24th December – Weekly 9 Hole on Front 9. White Markers. Use yellow scorecard for 9 hole competitions.
Friday Dec 25th – Christmas Day 9 hole 9am – 11am
Sat 26th/Sun 27th December Club Competition- 13 Hole Stableford
Mon 28th Dec to Friday 1st Jan – Weekly 9 hole competition
Sat 2nd/Sunday 3rd January- Club Competition 13 hole Stableford

Seasons Greetings
On behalf of our captain, lady captain and president we extend the compliments of the season to all our members at West Waterford golf club. To our sponsors, the media and the many visitors who supported us in 2020, we wish you all a happy and safe Christmas and a covid free New Year. Your continued support is greatly appreciated. We look forward to seeing you all in 2021 when hopefully we can once again shake your hand. Stay Safe.

Dear Santa,
To save you time when you arrive later this week you don’t need to go looking for Sam in Kiltimagh or Liam in Grattan Square, well not this year anyway. Credit to the Great Deise supporters. You will still find the county adorned with Blue and White flags, ready to support the team as the start of next year’s season is just around the corner.

A Positive Attitude
 So, with the advent of December, the golf came back but so too did the inclement weather. Cast your mind back to the many enjoyable days we had in the summer.
A wise man told me when things don’t go according to plan (think 2020!), focus on gratitude. We start by being grateful for the seasons, that show the changing natural beauty of West Waterford. The autumn colour and the long solstice shadow of the winter sun. As we mark the winter solstice today, we look forward to the turn of the natural year and the stretch in the evenings. We look forward to that spring cycle again when the preparations for a new golfing season commence.
We are grateful for our hard working committees who are currently busy plotting and planning for 2021 via Zoom, text, Watsapp and the good ould fashioned phone call. We are grateful for course management experience and enthusiasm. Each year, those whose passion it is to skilfully present the course are recognised by our grateful members . We know the work you do is a labour of love and we thank you for all your efforts. 

Winter Rules
This means you can lift, clean, and place your ball anywhere on the course. Keep an eye on the notice board for any additional temporary local rules. Due to the unpredictability of the current weather condition there may be delays in starting times. You are advised to check the BRS booking system on our website especially during frosty weather. Players who have booked the early tee times will have priority in the event of delays. Please be patient and adhere to the time sheet at all times.

World Handicap System WHS
Members continue to familiarise themselves with the new WHS handicapping system. Encouraging to see that so many members have registered for their WHS handicap. If you haven’t done so there is no need to panic. For your convenience we have set up our sign-in computer where you can simply enter your your 8 digit GUI number and you will receive a sticker with your playing handicap for 9 hole or 13 hole competitions as required. Sanitiser and wipes are available at the desk so please use them before you use the computer.

Behind the Scenes
The mens handicap committee continues to meet weekly to sort out any problems arising from the changeover to the WHS. Most records that are flagged as pending are that way because there are no scores on the system for them. To generate an initial WHS Index, you must enter 3 or more scores under the “Scores” tab on the Golf Ireland Clubhouse. We are dealing with a number of pending members at the moment and would hope to have the matter sorted shortly. We invite any members who have issues with the WHS to contact the office in the first instance and your query will be referred to the handicap committee. The system is new to all of us and we would ask you to be patient as we continue to address any outstanding issues. I would like to acknowledge the contribution of Tony Ruane in putting the WHS system in place and for his contribution to our weekly notes.

 How to access your WHS handicap
To access your handicap information you must create a new account. To create an account you should log o to to register for the first time. You will be asked to enter your 8 digit GUI number and your 4 digit pin both of which are found on the back of your GUI membership card. If you do not have a membership card please contact the office or Pat Power on 0876611276. Once you have registered you will have access to your handicap details and records. We would urge all members to register now in order to familiarise yourselves with the WHS system. You can also log on to where you will find lots of useful information regarding the new system.

Covid-19 Protocol
I am sure most of you are now familiar with the protocol as it relates to Golf clubs. Your cooperation to date is greatly appreciated and has kept you and your fellow members safe. We are asking you to maintain and even increase the effort to reduce the spread of the virus.
All tee times must be booked in advance and we must have the names of all players. Guest is simply not acceptable as a booking entry.
Wash your hands regularly
You must wear a face mask if you intend on entering the building.
Please don’t ask for change at the counter.
Social distancing must be observed at all times.
Do not remove the flagstick on the green
Use the sanitizer provided and have a small bottle of sanitizer in your bag.
Do not hang around once you have finished your game.
Players violating the rules will be requested to leave the premises.

Prize Vouchers Supporting Local Business
Most of our competition prizes at West Waterford are in the form of our unique club vouchers. There are still a large number of vouchers out there that have not been redeemed. Why not conduct a search of your car, your golf bag or your bedside locker and you might find yourself an early Christmas present. Our vouchers can be redeemed at any of our nine sponsors businesses. They can also be used as part payment of your annual subscription. At West Waterford we like to support local business so whether or not you find that missing voucher keep your town in business by keeping your business in town.